Marc Ressang

Marc Ressang is a visual designer specializing in photography and videography with expertise in graphic design and art direction. Using his in-depth technical skill set, Ressang’s artistic execution incorporates a clarity and sensitivity for innovative design. Drawing from his multicultural business background, Ressang shows exceptional understanding of the nuances involved in translating corporate clients’ concepts and strategies. Providing full audiovisual communication packages, he’s able to keep a clear and consistent vision across multimedia platforms.

Ressang has explored over 20 countries, using travel as an opportunity to cultivate his strengths in photography and videography, and communicating visual narratives across cultures. His respect for people of all ages and their walks of life is the vein that ties his stories together. Ressang is currently based out of Shanghai, China, where he is exploring the extremes of human nature as displayed in nightlife, and continuing to bring new light to cultural stories throughout the Eastern Hemisphere.